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Shared bikes for hotel & tourism

Offer the guests of your hotel/resort or visitors to your tourist location the unique advantage of taking a bike. Thanks to the ready-made Zingi formula, all users can count on extra mobility during their stay. Easy to book when checking in at reception and just as easy to lock and unlock with the key card. A unique plus to offer even more customer service and at the same time generate extra income.


Features and benefits

  1. A complete all-in solution without extra work - from bike and technology to maintenance and financing.
  2. Booking at the reception with little loss of time and no key management.
  3. Accessible bike rental for all hotels, large and small.
  4. A smart fixed lock, easy to open and close with the key card.
  5. Personalisation of bikes with own colours and logo (from 10 pieces).
  6. Data visualization and analysis.
  7. One fixed contactperson.
  8. One monthly invoice with all-in pricing.

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