Bike Sharing Solutions for your business

One concept, many solutions

Every company, every organization has specific requirements and wishes for bicycle mobility. One user stays within the company site, another commutes... Employee, visitor or tourist... Zingi chooses your way and offers the appropriate total solution, tailored to your profile.

Discover here the solution that suits your company best!

They already opted for a Zingi solution

Do you want to know what other think of Zingi?Or would you like to know how colleagues in your sector are tackling this? We like to let our customers have their say.

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A quick and simple onboarding

Starting up your own platform with Zingi is as easy as learning to ride a bike.
In five simple steps, we install the appropriate shared bike solution for your company and your users together.

  1. Kick-off meeting

    In an initial personal contact, we gauge your needs and wishes and discuss together how we can best translate them into the right solution for your company.

  2. Customer demo

    Do you want to feel Zingi’s simplicity and transparency virtually before you engage? Via a dashboard and platform demo we take you through the user-friendly operation.

  3. Price setting

    Zingi applies simple and transparent pricing, based on the number of bicycles and the options chosen.

  4. Implementation

    Our team prepares the implementation down to the last detail and guides you every step of the way. From adjusting the software parameters to personalizing the bike and app with your company logo.

  5. Startup

    The bikes are delivered fully ready to ride and we provide the necessary training in advance so that you can cycle from day one.

Sentinel: proven technology

At Zingi, only the best is good enough, which is why we chose Sentinel's proven technology for our solutions. Sentinel supplies the technology for Mobit's shared bikes. Sentinel's latest bicycle lock is full of technology including a permanent internet connection, motion sensors and an RFID card reader.

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Zingi: common sense
for healthy mobility

Zingi makes shared cycling mobility accessible to companies and organisations in a simple and carefree way. Our experienced team of passionate specialists is eager to work with you to create the right cycling solution for your company.

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